Volunteer Opportunities

We have got a number of ministry opportunities for volunteers from all parts of the world. Our short term volunteers stay with us for a period of one week to 3 Months.

For those willing to serve on Long term, we have opportunities that run for a period of between Six months to 12 months (one year). We are glad to host any of the two categories that are willing to come and we serve.

Volunteers need not any theological qualifications but need an openness of heart and mind having flexibility to serve as need arises. we have opportunities for:

Stephen and Megan Debby
  • Lover’s of children who desire to share their lives with our children in Rapha Children’s Haven. Volunteers here can use their professions as advantages, but no specific prior training is required. This category includes sponsors.
  • Professionals such as dentists, nurses, GPs, primary health care workers, construction workers, graphic designers, accountants, administrators, etc.
  • Evangelists, pastors, teachers of the word, apostles, prophets and all who desire to share their faith with others. We have plenty of room for all.

If you are wanting to come alongside FDLM and serve with us, please contact us.

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