Peniel Children’s Haven

With Uganda having a mind disturbing 2,600,000 orphans, a million of which have been directly due to aids, the need for church based orphan care is even greater.

Father’s Divine Love Ministries is setting up a 3rd Orphan’s home which is to be designed in a village setting. 8 homes are being developed on a 3 acre piece of land.

Each home will host a maximum of 10 kids in each full house under the care of a couple. The community will therefore host a maximum of 80 children growing up in an environment of family.

We all know that family is the strongest and most important unit of society and its brokenness has generational implications. The solution to this is to raise up children in families and that is why FDLM can’t drop the practice of modelling family rather than subjecting children under institutionalized care.

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