Church and Ministries

Following our vision to care for children deprived of the simple necessities of food, clean clothes and a secure place to live; we have been blessed to have presenced ourselves strongly within several communities.

Foster Care:

Most of the children with family ties are supported from their guardian families. FDLM provides education support, medical attention, school uniforms and scholastic materials, which would otherwise hinder the education of these less privileged children.


Communities in Africa still harbor what tradition used to consider as “disciplining” of children among which includes setting kids ablaze, cutting off ears, tying them with ropes against trees and throwing them out of the house for offenses such as not greeting elders, not kneeling before older people, eating food before meals are served etc. The prevalence of these cultural evils are what stirred FDLM to start advocacy programs to be a voice for these innocent kids battered in the name of discipline. We sensitize communities about biblically acceptable disciplinary measures as a means of restoring dignity to our communities.

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