About Us

Father’s Divine Love Ministries (FDLM) is an independent, indigenous, Christian, church-based, non-governmental organization with a passion for restoring dignity to rural African communities through parenting orphaned children in HIV/AIDS-ravaged communities, economic empowerment for improved household income, food security, evangelism, church planting and discipleship.



FDLM places a very high value on families and would not consider putting orphaned kids in institutions. Some situations, however, prove too hostile for the orphaned and abandoned kids and require some form of smaller, more-intimate residential care. FDLM’s Rapha Children’s Haven is a loving home to 43 kids between the ages of 3 months to 17 years. The children are fully part of their community, attending Divine Love Church planted by FDLM as well as nearby schools.


Most orphaned children with family ties are supported by extended family. FDLM provides education support, medical attention, school uniforms and scholastic materials to these children. Without it, these less-privileged children would have no access to education and medical care.


Communities in Africa still harbor what tradition considers the ‘disciplining of children.’ This includes setting kids ablaze, cutting off ears, tying them with ropes against trees, and throwing them out of the house for offenses such as not greeting elders, not kneeling before older people, eating food before meals are served, etc. The prevalence of these cultural evils is what stirred FDLM to start advocacy programs to be a voice for these innocent kids battered in the name of discipline. We sensitize communities about Biblically-acceptable disciplinary measures as a means of restoring dignity to our society.


  • Establishing foster family resource centers to provide information, accommodation, education, love, care, protection and decent medical attention to vulnerable children and care givers.
  • Propagating the practical Christian faith in obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  • Publishing, acquiring, and distributing literature that promotes Christian faith with biblical family values.
  • Promoting community-based healthcare, nutrition, water, and environmental sanitation among people in poor communities.
  • Empowering the needy members of the community to participate in income-generating activities for the socio-economic transformation of their homesteads.
  • Enhancing preventative measures against HIV/AIDS
    Promoting initiatives among communities to mobilize members for the care of individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Offering marriage, home and family counseling services to the church and community.
  • Operating a revolving micro-finance scheme for poverty eradication among the community and children’s foster families.
  • Establishing children’s foster homes and caring of the vulnerable children in communities.
  • Establishing and operating educational institutions to promote academic excellence.
  • Operating vocational training centers to empower the learners to live meaningful lifestyles.
  • Offering moral guidance and services to persons including children, youth and adults.

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