Ivan Ganafall Testimonial

* Pastor David, Ivan and Sarah – 2009

Ivan Ganafall –

I was not brought up by my biological family. My mom divorced my dad when I had not been born yet, they had many conflicts that happened when my mother was still pregnant with me. She then gave birth to me as an independent person after moving away from him. She faced a lot of challenges earning a living because she didn’t have house help but she fought so much to see that we could survive. Unfortunately she died in 1998 when I was 5 years and I had just started school. Due to what happened in the family, my dad never even attended the burial; it was a sad experience in my life.

After all that, I was taken in the village where my grandmother lived, and she continued taking care of me but all was not well there. We had a disorganized apartment until Father’s Divine Love came in to build her a new one.  I remember I had 3 old clothes and no shoes. Education had become a problem because my old grandmother didn’t have any source of income. We slept in an old house that didn’t have enough covers and sometimes it would rain on us in the night. To make matters worse, I did not even know anything about JESUS in my life, I had never attended church. 

The pivotal moment came when Sarah’s mom came into our village and saw me, she looked at my situation of living and saw that it was not good for any person- especially for children. She really cried because of the situation, she immediately took me from the village to Jinja and I started to live with her.

It was from there that David happened to hear about my biography from Sarah’s mom. David himself didn’t have any source of income but he was so touched from my story that he had to adopt me. I started living with him in the small room where he was living. I had never experienced any parental love from my biographical dad but David expressed this to me. He had no money but he was ok with me living with him. He tried so much to make sure that we can survive; sometimes he used to move to town because it was quite distant from where we used to live.  He used to go to town on foot to get a small amount of money so that we could eat, have clothes and go to school.

He also started showing me how to pray to God, and taught me how important God is in our lives.  There was a very good relationship within the family in terms of encouragement, love, care and prayers. During our prayers David would talk about the orphans, widows and other people that needed help. He had a heart for seeing the suffering in our country! Through this he got the vision of Father’s Divine Love Ministries. Shortly after, David brought two more orphans and joined us in our small family. We expanded to 5 people because he had faith that God would provide. Things started going bad as far as the finances are concerned, we faced some challenges at home because David had no any source of income. He used to bring the little money from town and he would get some from his friends.  Rent was also a problem to us and because of this many times we would only have 1 meal per day. Occasionally the neighbors would provide us with some food and other small basics.

Although all these things happened, David never gave up! I remember we used to have evening devotions at home while encouraging one another, through prayers, David could tell us in the small family that he could see FDLM with orphans that was providing help and hope as well and that it would encourage us indeed. In other words, he would pray for sponsors to see that FDLM was started. We prayed for provision for all those in need.

One day David brought 2 visitors home that were here for a short visit. They were ladies from Australia, and we welcomed them, they stayed with us for 4 hours.  After a month, David told us of how God was planning to bless us. David started expanding the family by moving from a small house and started renting a bigger house. It was from there that we started seeing David’s dream being fulfilled, he started registering new orphan children, the family which was of 5, had to expand to 20, 30 orphan children.
God was really on our side, life started being good in a new bigger family, for me personally I was born all alone and have no biographical brothers and sisters but this introduced me to a good family with brothers and nice sisters.

I want to thank the almighty God who gave the vision to David and Sarah. The vision that showed them that there are many children in Uganda who are in the same situation as I was. The God showed them  that there are many orphans, poor people, widows and many other needy people who would need comfort, love, care, encouragement, peace, freedom and Jesus. The God who gave them a vision of Father’s Divine Love Ministries deserves all the glory.

I speak all this because  FDLM has taken me from very far, back in the village, I did not know that I would be what I am but I thank God for FDLM. They fight so much that we are healthy, that we go to school, and that we have good food as well, and that we have love for one another through God. FDLM also gives us a chance to have opportunities by sending us to the camps and other things. Yet all these things could not happen before FDLM adopted me. It has continued to do good things both external and internal. 3 years ago, it built for my grandmother a new house in the village which is a blessing to me, because we used to live in a linking house. Due to the good relationship we have with one another in the base, I have been able to form a small group, the little dancing group by the name ‘’DIGNITY KIDS’’. I help as a young mission director for them. I would love to say that FDLM has made us as children to forget our past problems, but that isn’t the case. I want to thank God for David and Sarah for their vision to know that there are people who need help. We call them our parents because they have cared for us.

I’m a real witness to God; that God is loving, merciful, redeemer, able and there is no one like Him because He remembers us indeed. Things were not all that good but still God never left us.

What I am up to these days. I joined the university this year 2012 in September. It was very difficult for me to get used in a new place because everything was new to me. It is called Kampala film school under the control of Kampala University! I’m doing filming, video production, TV and creating documentaries. Studies are going on well though they seemed to be difficult in the beginning; we started by theory work and finally introduced us to the beginning part of practical. We have been able to do our first clip for 5 minutes and out of the whole class, they chose me to be the director of the clip! It was a good experience in my life.
In my future, I want to open up a bigger media apartment in which I will be able to make documentaries about people’s lives, producing films and shooting videos of good music.

That is just by profession but besides that, it really pains me to see some other people like orphans, widows, people with no help that are suffering. I would love to continue doing good things to them by bringing comfort to them like how David did for me. I know I can be a blessing and a solution to the needy just like David has been a blessing and a good example to me.

In the same way, I want to thank all the people who stand with us, who are standing with us and those who are planning to stand with us. You are wonderful people of God. Thank you so much for all the support and contributions you make towards us. You are such blessings in our souls.  I pray that God will continue to widen all your territories, bless all your families and provide for you indeed.